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HIWIN Technologies Corp.is the leading manufacturer of motion control and system technology specialzed in ballscrew, guideway, harmonic reducer, rotary table and industrial robot.

About us

HIWIN Technologies Corp. is the leading brand of motion control and system technology manufacturer. Products range from ball screw, guideway, bearing, DATORKER Robot Reducer to industrial/medical robot, rotary table, with characteristics of high speed, high precision, multifunction, and eco-friendly. HIWIN products are well established in the automation, semi-conductor, electronics, medical and precision machining industries. HIWIN commits to intelligent automation and has the most complete type of robot, including wafer, 6-axis, Delta, SCARA and medical robots, to reduce human labor, replace hazardous jobs, create a great work environment, and improve human’s life. And achieving the goal of long-lasting business through practices of Professional Excellence, Working Enthusiasm, and Ethics & Responsibility.

No. 7 Jingke Rd.
Nantun District, Taichung, 40852

Phone: +886 4 23594510
Internet: www.hiwin.tw

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Products and Services

HIWIN, being as partner suppliers, such as raw material suppliers, machine parts providers and sub-contractors.

HIWIN shares global vision with our customers and this coordinated integration and management approach from design to delivery helps our customers get their products to market faster.

Innovation extends to how HIWIN works with our customers during design phase to intergrate our products into total systems to meet their specific applications.

HIWIN advanced core technology from traditional machinery industry into industries of semiconductor, transportation, automation, biochemistry, energy saving, health care and medical. HIWIN products are benchmark products with hi-speed, high precision, multifuctional intergration, green and life-oriented.

As world's leading motion control and system technology provider, HIWIN is able to provide total solutions to customers.

HIWIN i4.0BS (Intelligent 4.0 Ballscrew)

HIWIN i4.0BS is first ballscrew in the world that can achieve manufacturing Industry 4.0.With multi-function sensors and expert algorithm, users can monitor service life,heat deformation,vibration and lubrication, which able to remote monitoring machines allowing users to pre-schedule maintenance and prevent machines’ unexpected stop. Eco-friendly design, the intelligent lubrication monitor can save 40~70% of lubricant for environment protection and cost saving.

HIWIN Datorker Robot Reducer

HIWIN DATORKER Robot Reducer has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, high torsional rigidity and low starting torque. It increases the output load and the positioning accuracy. They are compact in size and reduces the space and weight constraints providing excellent results. Wildly used in industries like Robotics, Automation equipment, Semiconductor equipment, Tool changers with rotary motion in Machine tools with customers based in global.

Torque Motor Rotary Table

HIWIN Torque Motor Rotary table uses torque motor can achieve both high acceleration and high torque functions. Integrated with high rigidity and high precision bearings,absolute encoder and powerful clamp makes HIWIN Rotary table to become a high-performance solution.Applicable industries:4&5 axes machine tools,5G,3C,semiconductor, aerospace,medical and automotive industries HIWIN torque motor rotary table is capable to produce high value-added products with precise and complicated geometries.

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