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Boehlerit is among the global leaders in the production of carbide materials for tools for tube machining, bar peeling and product innovations for oilfield machining.

About us

Boehlerit, headquartered in the Austria, sets global standards with carbides and tools for the processing of metal, wood, plastics and composites. With cutting materials, semi-finished products, precision tools and tool systems for turning, turning, drilling and forming, Boehlerit ensures process safety and efficiency on a global scale. The company's extensive product portfolio includes highly specialised tools for the machining of crankshafts as well as for the mining industry, for bar peeling, tube and sheet metal processing and heavy-duty machining. The Boehlerit product range also features carbides for construction components and wear protection. When it comes to coating technology, Boehlerit holds a global monopoly, ranging from the first-ever nano-CVD bonding layer to the hardest diamond layer worldwide. With its many years' experience in metallurgy, coating technology and state-of-the-art press technology, Boehlerit is a highly competent development partner for toolmakers.

Boehlerit GmbH & Co. KG
Heidenheimer Str. 108
73447 Oberkochen

Phone: +49 7364 950-700

Products and Services

The Boehlerit product range features tools for:

  • Crankshaft machining
  • Bar peeling
  • Tube processing (Inside deburring, Weld edge processing, Sheeet edge
    preperation, Pipe end bevelling, Oilfield technology)
  • Rail- and turnout machining
  • Milling (BULLtec 2.0)
  • Turning
  • SawTec 2.0 - Saws with interchangeable teeth
Tube processing

Boehlerit offers an unrivalled diversity of products and the full range of cutting and machining solutions for the production of large-​diameter pipes. In addition to various components for pipe-​end machining, the standard processes of plate edge machining are also used in other lines of industry.

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Bar peeling

Bar peeling refers to a kinematically reversed longitudinal cylindrical turning process and is one of the most sophisticated machining processes around. The workpiece is concentrically fed through a rotating shaving head and the process know-​how is mostly concentrated directly at the working area. Boehlerit provides complete tooling systems for successful rotary shaving, consisting of a bar peeling head, holder and cartridge.

BULLtec 2.0 - Heavy duty milling cutter

The new modular tool system BULLtec 2.0 from Boehlerit for general heavy-​duty machining covers diameter ranges from 160 to 400 millimetres. It can be equipped for the face milling of a very wide range of materials, such as steel and stainless steel to aluminium to titanium, by simple exchanging of the cartridges and indexable inserts. No adjustment work is necessary when changing the cartridges. Robust, modular, simply efficient.

News & Innovations

SawTec 2.0 - Saws with interchangeable teeth 

Austrian carbide and tool specialist Boehlerit is exploring new paths when it comes to sawing and is launching the "SawTec 2.0" tool system with replaceable teeth, an intelligent, next-​generation machining solution. Saw blades are used by the metal-​processing industry all over the world for separating rods, blocks, pipes, rails and profiles. In most cases, saw teeth are welded on, which is labour-​intensive and costly especially for large saw diameters, given the need for re-​sharpening and the logistics involved. Users who need to keep an eye on costs for their sawing operations and are looking for a cost-​effective solution will make the right choice with the "Sawtec 2.0" tool system with interchangeable teeth by Boehlerit!

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Rail- and turnout machining

Rail machining
Perfectly maintained rails are a prerequisite for excellent riding comfort, a long tool life and a high level of operational safety. With our specially designed track-​milling system, worn rails are given a new lease of life, with great precision and efficiency. Boehlerit offers you rack-​milling systems for the perfect re-​profiling of worn rails, tailored to fit your exact requirements.Removal rate: 0.2 – 3 mm, up to 2500 m/h.


  • Robust, durable design
  • Monobloc or cartridge version for speedy tool changes
  • Highly precise design for clean, exact milling results

Turnout machining

We know that turnouts are highly stressed, expensive elements of the railway track, complex in terms of design and demanding in terms of production. Precisely, efficiently manufactured components ensure optimal functionality and a long tool life.

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